Winning Sports Performance Coaching

You may not have thought about how much sports performance coaching can help you.   Let me explain how a bit of mind coaching can make the difference to your performance even beyond traditional sports psychology.

There are three types of sports people:

1.  Those that practise or train but not do not train their brain, they do not consider their psychology.

2.  Those that are untrained but their state of mind enables them to perform to a higher level than their physical skill level suggests.

3.  Those that train physically and mentally (such as sports performance coaching).

No. 2’s will be beat No.1’s over a hundred rounds.
No 3’s will operate at the highest level of performance more consistently and be the most successful of all.

Which one are you?

Turn Ambition to Achievement

Great sports performance is a result of the unconscious – letting your body do what it needs to do, getting out of your own way which is known as getting in ‘the zone’.  This is true for any sport.   You have probably experienced times when you were performing at your peak, you were in ‘the zone’ and that is because you were not thinking, you were flowing.  It was your psychology that made the difference to your performance.

I work with sports men and women and can teach you to use your mind effectively and let go of any limiting beliefs which means you will:

1.  Get in to the zone quickly and easily.

2.  Improve your performance and skill level.

3.  Increase your motivation.

Proven to Work

The fact your mind & psychology effects your physical performance has been proved scientifically repeatedly.  Not only can you get in to the zone quickly and easily and perform at your highest state more often you can actually impact your muscles and physical ability.

In one experiment carried out by The Learner Institute a group of volunteers visualised a finger exercise without actually physically doing the exercise.  Their muscle strength improved by 40% without lifting a finger!

You may not be surprised to know that Tiger Woods has had a mind coach since the age of 12. He totally understands the impact his psychology has on his performance.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you raise your sports performance to the next level.  I am based in London and Cornwall however I work with people world-wide over the phone/Skype so distance is not a barrier.