Life Coaching and Relationship Coaching

Do you feel stuck?
Do you have a goal you are struggling to achieve?
Are you struggling to get clarity in what you want?

Whether from Cornwall, London or via Skype with people all over the world providing coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help individuals let go of doubt, overthinking and fear which don’t get us anywhere in life. Being trapped in this thinking patterns is unproductive, demoralising and tiring. I help people have a clearer understanding of how change happens which comes from inside. When we change on the inside it changes how we go about our life and relationships. This change frees clients from trying to fix and control things all the time.

I help clients spend more time using their mind in a way that works for them, their life, relationships and ambitions.

  • Before moving to Cornwall and creating the inspiring life I’ve always wanted I spent years in a career and I don’t actually remember consciously choosing and felt like I left my soul at the door every morning.
  • I spent years in a relationship being needy and expecting my wife to make me happy and being disillusioned and unhappy.
  • I spent years believing I don’t deserve to be happy, that I wasn’t loved or lovable and became an incessant people pleaser to ensure people liked me.

I once looked at an empty vegetable patch and thought it represented my life –  empty and barren whilst the one next to it was full of life and things growing. It seemed to me that everyone got what they wanted and I didn’t.

I then got a life coach and now get paid for being me and I know I am loved and lovable for who I am. I have invested a huge amount in coaching to help me in life, relationship and business since.

When we really understand what’s getting in our way we can move forward and create the life and relationships we long for.  We have everything we need create the life and relationships we want but our thinking masks our power, the resources within us to be who we dream to be and turn our ambitions to achievements.

I work with clients to help them understand how their mind is creating our life experience and prevents us from having clarity and seeing a way forward.

It’s more than life coaching or relationship coaching. It is life transformation as our state of mind affects all areas of our life.

Often coaching can be based on setting goals and motivating people to achieve them but if our unconscious doesn’t think the direction we’re steering is a good idea then the chances are it’ll put a spanner in the works without us being aware of it or how it is doing it. The way it usually does this is to reduce our motivation or increase our fear or anxiety. Being a Cognitive Hypnotherapist as well as a coach I have a large range of techniques including hypnotherapy at my disposal to help you let go of unconscious barriers and get a change in mindset.

I have helped clients with:

  • Happiness and wellbeing
  • Direction in life
  • Achieving their goals and dreams
  • Relationships whether intimate or professional

If you’ve been looking for something to make that vital difference to your life contact me and let’s discuss how I can help you.

I practice in both London and Cornwall (Truro and Helston) and work with clients all over the world (by phone and Skype). I don’t work with everyone and coaching and hypnotherapy is not for everyone. Contact me for a conversation to explore whether we are right for each other.