London Hypnotherapy Clinic

Hypnotherapy London Clinic W1My London hypnotherapy practice is at the highly acclaimed Mind Body Clinic at 38 Devonshire Street W1 off Harley Street in the heart of London.  It has been established by a group of professional practitioners with the shared aim of providing the highest quality of therapy, coaching and hypnotherapy in London.

If you’re feeling stuck, have a particular problem or what to create more of the life you want I can help you at my London hypnotherapy and coaching practice.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you with a wider range of things usually associated with hypnotherapy. Essentially if your mind is involved I can usually help whether it is something holding you back in your life, life coaching, business coaching or winning sports performance coaching.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy is more than hypnotherapy it utilises a range of approaches to help you turn ambition to achievement.

Cognitive Hypnotherapists believe that the everyone has the resourced they need make the differences they want in their life.  It’s an interactive therapy where the therapist acts as a guide. The principle is that the client can find their own solutions with skilled assistance. It does not involve the therapist as a ‘controlling’ agent, or someone who dictates what is ‘best’ for the client.  A Cognitive Hypnotherapist works within the clients model and experience of the world, not the other way round.

If you’ve never experienced hypnotherapy before it is natural to be nervous, the vast majority of my clients are nervous before their first session and they soon find it is highly relaxing and enjoyable (and they are 100% in control).

London Hypnotherapy practiceMy London practice at 38 Devonshire Street W1 is centrally located in the heart of London’s medical community and close to car parks, tube and bus.   Devonshire Street is a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of the London.

To make an appointment to see me at my London Hypnotherapy and coaching practice contact me on 07806 949249.

The Mind-Body Clinic
38 Devonshire Street