How I Can Help You

It can be hard to explain ‘what I do’ because it is so different with each client. I help people achieve their dreams.

I believe everyone has everything they need within them to love themselves and love their life. To create the life of their dreams. Sometimes we are looking in the wrong place for the answers. I point people back in the right direction. Everyone can benefit from a coach or talking to someone as we cannot see our own blind spots, which is why I invest in my own coach.

I help people get out of their own way.

I free people from their thinking and optimise their state of mind.

I help people find clarity:

  • Clarity of thought which means you get out of your own way and find direction, solutions and create the results you want.
  • Clarity in connection to others which professional or intimate relationships.
  • Clarity of who you really are, connection to your true self free from the limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold us back from being our powerful, successful happy selves.

Our relationship with Thought touches all areas of our life.  It keeps us in our comfort zone. It prevents us from stepping out and being who we are really are and living the life we want. It keeps us in a prison of fear and keeps those secret dreams being just that, dreams instead of reality.

When we understand the principles behind our human experience we can be freed from our limiting thoughts and beliefs, we can be free from the emotions that overwhelm us. We find clarity, peace of mind and and freedom to create the life we want.

I’ve coached CEOs, entrepeneurs, lawyers, artists, professional golfers, farmers, students. Whatever the objective knowing the psychology of the mind gives us the optimum state of mind to get the results we want.

If you think your mind is involved I can probably help.

I work with people face-to-face in Cornwall and London and all over the world via phone/Skype.

I don’t work with everyone and my approach is not for everyone. Contact me for a conversation to explore whether we are right for each other.