What do you want to create?

When I got my first coach and got aligned with my soul I made massive changes in my life. I changed jobs from a ‘safe’ and successful corporate career to working for myself in an industry I’d no experience in. I never forget the day I left my old job. I’d been there all my working life. It had a family feel to it. It was my security. My identity. I had no idea what I wanted to do next. However, I knew on my deathbed I would regret not searching for something that was more ‘me’. Following my soul rather than playing safe. It was scary. However, it turned life into an adventure. It meant me coming out my comfort zone. I got myself a coach and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. My life is totally different as a result. I totally believe I am a better parent and am more at peace generally in life. I have a different outlook on myself and life.

I have the privileged to coach some amazing clients. I love my clients I really do.

I’ve had clients that have:

  • Starting the new business they’ve been wanting to get going for years and enjoying the adventure.
  • Recognised their true value and put their business fees up 50% and still getting the amount of work they want.
  • Unleashed their creativity and have started writing the book they’ve been meaning to for years.
  • Achieved their life-long goal of becoming a published author.
  • Made massive shifts in their relationship which meant they feel more loved, united and understood.
  • Found the courage to end the relationship that wasn’t serving them (or the other person).
    Finally found more balance in life between work, rest and play.

What will your 2018 bring you? What’s the secret fairly god-mother goal that you would LOVE to come true but you don’t do anything about, or not enough to make it come true? What regrets do you want to avoid on your deathbed? What are you not doing because fear is holding you back? What would make life feel like it is flowing again?

What are you doing out of fear?
What are you not doing out of fear?

Russell Davis, a performance and mind coach, fervently believes that everyone can find peace of mind, grow, and create more of the life they want. Russell will help you overcome any self-limiting thoughts feelings and beliefs. Utilising Cognitive Hypnotherapy Russell has helped hundreds of people just like you to turn ambition into achievement.  If Olympians, world leaders and CEOs rely on coaches, mentors and mind coaches to succeed, don’t you deserve a coach to help you unlock your full potential? If you’re ready to create the life you want contact Russell today for a free powerful conversation by calling 07806 949249 or clicking here to email Russell.