Testimonials & Case Studies

Names in case studies have been changed to protect client confidentiality.


“I came to see Russell about a specific problem but found that his sensitive questioning and incisive techniques led me to explore complex underlying issues which had been lying dormant and unacknowledged for some years, many of them dating back to childhood. Given my background as a psychiatrist, I am used to talking treatments taking months or even years to take effect, often requiring much effort and even pain on the behalf of the person receiving therapy, sometimes producing very variable results.

“I was delighted when Russell’s help gave me an almost effortless way to tackle my issues and I’ve experienced a swift, almost magical transformation in my internal world, which has led on to positive snowball effects extending out into my outer life. The external issues I came to for therapy began to vanish as problems after only three sessions and I now feel happier in myself, more focussed and more motivated than I have for some years.

“I recommend Russell as a therapist – he is sensitive, very skilled and the therapy he performs was very highly effective.”
Dr Nick Smith, Psychiatrist, BSc (Hons) MBBS MRCPsych MBA


“I was very surprised how quickly the therapy had worked for me. Once I had understood that the unhappy thoughts that were circulating around my head were just a story I had invented, and that they did not represent the truth about my situation, my healing took place extremely rapidly. Also the understanding has remained with me and I have found that the original symptoms have just dropped away and been forgotten.”. “ PA, Cornwall

“I am a therapist who has found Russell’s guidance invaluable. As a therapist or coach we give of ourselves freely, however there are times when we all need to go back to the source and receive guidance for our own wellbeing. Someone said me to recently that every coach needs a coach. Russell Davis is that coach. Phil “ GT, Cornwall

“I have suffered from seasickness for as long as I can remember. Having tried every known ‘cure’ without sucess, it was suggested that I try hypnotherapy. Russell made me feel very welcome and instantly put me completely at ease. Just one session with him and the follow-up listening to the mp3 recording has cured my seasickness! My first trip out about a month after my treatment was a ‘baptism of fire’ as conditions were quite rough, but I had no symptoms whatsoever. My husband was amazed and I am delighted! Thank you Russell!!!” LT, Cornwall

“A very professional service and geat understanding and empathy which meant it was easy to slowly unravel the depth of the problem and hence resolve it. ” TS, London

Weight Loss

“I have spent the last thirty years trying every diet ever devised with varying degrees of temporary success. Having Cognitive Hypnotherapy with Russell Davis is the best decision I have ever made. He has changed my relationship with food so that I am now losing weight steadily, and enjoying exercising.  Thank you Russell from the bottom of my heart.” FR, Cornwall

“After over 20 years of battling with food, and having tried virtually every organised slimming club, fad diet, diet doctor and other hypnotherapists, Russell set me free from the hold food had over me.  No longer do snacks call to me from the fridge, cupboard or supermarket shelf; I stop eating when I’m full, and I find it much easier to make healthy choices.  I don’t want to put any of that rubbish in my body anymore.  The sessions were so successful that my husband is now seeing Russell too!” MT, Surrey

Jacky had found it difficult to loose the weight she had gained since having children.  Having tried all the various diets over the years she was felt frustrated with the cycle of loosing/regaining weight.  After working together for 5 weeks she found she was free from her bad habits, emotional eating and for the first time felt in control of her eating having created a more positive relationship with food.  She was surprised how easy it was to cut out her ‘vices’ like cheese without any cravings for them.

For as long as she could remember Gill had turned to food at times of stress and when wanting some comfort.  The also had a tendency of overeating and  not being aware of when she was full and had had enough.  Within four weeks Gill was no longer craving food in between meals, was eating more healthily and for the first time in her life stopping when she was full regardless of whether the plate was clear.  She loved the comments from her friends that she looked so much thinner!

Dianne wanted to loose weight and stop snacking on sugary foods, particularly at times of stress suspecting it was linked to her self esteem.  We identified and removed some unhelpful associations with food and self esteem from her childhood and after four sessions she found she was free from the cravings and enjoying her new freedom with food.  She also enjoyed her increased in self esteem, no longer being effected from ‘unhelpful’ comments from her father.

Eating Disorder
“Russell has not only changed my way of thinking, enabling me to handle certain situations that had been problematic for years; but his sessions have also equipped me with coping mechanisms to face potential challenges in the future. I immediately felt at ease from my first session with Russell, as not only is he understanding and caring, but also enabled me to be in control and aware of every change taking place by talking my issue through and explaining how the solution would work. I have learnt a lot from my sessions with Russell, and now have greater confidence in myself and my abilities as a result”  IR, London

Life Purpose
“I feel a deep reconnection with my life purpose now.  You have helped me be more of myself, more fully. Thankyou for that”  HO, London

“Hypnotherapy with Russell helped me to gain perspective, deal with things one thing at a time and to regain a feeling of calm when I felt my life was completely out of control.  Also, to understand that whatever happened in my life…..it would all work out ok in the end.  Hypnotherapy also helped me to start each IVF cycle with a positive frame of mind that the cycle
could actually work and gave me the strength to continue.  During the IVF process which was completely out of my control, the mp3 recording helped me to feel that I was able to make a positive contribution to my treatment over and above the usual not drinking caffeine or alcohol.  It helped me to remain calm and relaxed at very stressful times and also gave me a feeling of empowerment.  Russell also taught me a number of techniques which I could use on my own to help me through key parts of the cycle.” MT, Surrey

“I really found Russell’s self hypnosis mp3 helped keep me relaxed during the whole IVF process. There were 2 days when didn’t get to listen, I actually found myself getting much more anxious the second day, but only realised it when I went back to listening to it  and found myself more relaxed again. It was also great when we found one ovary wasn’t responding much, to have it to help me focus my mind on encouraging it, we ended up getting 2 eggs from that ovary, so it obviously worked.  You will be pleased to hear that I did a pregnancy test yesterday and it was positive.”   BS, Ireland

“at a scan on day 10, my doctor saw a follicle looking good on my ovary – this would be the first time in MONTHS that I could have ovulated myself (that’s if I did of course!) so I really do believe it must be down to the hypnosis as it couldn’t really be a coincidence!”  IT, Ireland

Sarah was approaching her third IVF cycle and was feeling very anxious about it as well and doubting whether it could really work.  She wanted to change this as she was aware that our thoughts can affect our biology and thus her chances of conceiving.  We worked on enabling her to imagine a fulfilled life beyond  the IVF cycle regardless of the outcome, whilst at the same time installing a belief that it really can work.  She and her family were amazed at how much more relaxed she was approaching and going through this cycle.

“I have say that since I started listening to the tracks I feel much more positive and more in control about facing into my treatment this summer. It definitly has a calming and relaxing effect on me as I often fall asleep towards the end of the track”. MO, Ireland

“public speech went fine, no nerves!” IG, London

David had been recently promoted at work in to a management role.  His low confidence was effecting his performance and happiness at work.  He didn’t feel able to contribute freely to meetings and was extremely nervous speaking to groups.  After a three of sessions David amazed at how relaxed he was in being himself in group situations and as a result was happy at work enjoying the job he dreamed of having.

Suzanne had a low self confidence and would become shy and withdrawn in conversations with groups imagining that people thought she was boring.  After four sessions she felt liberated and free to be herself, no longer worrying about what other people thought of her.


“Thank you so much for all the help you gave me when I visited you a few weeks ago with a broken arm, resulting in trauma, depression and panic attacks.

“When I first came to see you, I really didn’t think there would be anything you could do for me, but by my last session with you I was back to my normal self! The work that you did with me was so enlightening, I didn’t realise my situation was being caused by my own thinking and past experiences! but with your help and hypnotherapy, I now have a much better understanding of how the mind works. I would, without hesitation, recommend to anyone to come and see you, to benefit from your help in the same way that I have.

“Thank you for helping to put me back together again! I won’t hesitate to contact you in the future if I find myself in difficulty again.” SC, Northampton

“You have helped me to understand that I have several layers that I need to look after, not just the physical being. I have always neglected my inner self but have now started a new journey to achieve inner peace.” EH, London

“My son was bullied at his secondary school and as a result of this became school phobic. He had been seen by psychiatrists and psychologist with little effect , and his anxiety and panic attacks persisted even at home. Russell is the first professional that my son has begun to open up to. Russell has helped him with his anxiety and panic attacks and is building up his self esteem and confidence. He is now able to relax and begin to unravel some of the damaging experiences he has had. Russell has taken the time to get to know and respect my son which both of us appreciate.”  AJ, Middlesex

“I needed to deal with some heavy issues and thanks to Russell I managed to. It’s something that I have been wanting to do for years and wasn’t able to, and now finally, I could, thanks to Russell and his wonderful way of therapy.” GB, London

“I recently had therapy with Russell for a phobia of spiders.  I was very nervous before the session, but Russell put me completely at ease from the outset, through his warm and friendly approach.  Through a variety of techniques he managed to get to the bottom of the phobia and help me to change my way of thinking.  I left the session feeling that I could now deal with spiders in a calmer and more relaxed way.  Although I will never learn to love spiders, Russell has helped me to deal with any that I do come across.  Putting this to the test, I managed to pick up and move a spider the following day!  I would fully recommend him to anyone who wants to confront a phobia.” HJ, London.

“I was suffering from mild to more severe depression and with Russell’s help I was freed from this depression.  I have had weekly sessions with him for about two months and the depression has not surfaced again since then.  I am feeling much happier now.”
MS, London

Sports Performance
“I attended one session with Russell, with the aim of improving the mental/emotional side of playing sport, in particular with golf.  I gained a couple of insights, and a method of triggering positive feelings before playing each shot.  I now incorporate this trigger when I play, and it works.
AP, London

Jane had been a bad sleeper for as long as she can remember.  She took a long time to get to sleep even though she felt physically tired and then woke in the early hours unable to get back to sleep.  After three sessions Jane was able to get off to sleep very quickly without any medication and if she did wake up in the night got back to sleep quickly.

Letting Go
Vicky had broken up with her boyfriend six months before coming to see me but couldn’t let him go emotionally, even though she knew deep down he was not good for her.  Looking back she could see her previous boyfriends had been the same.  After a two of sessions Vicky felt free of and over her old boyfriend as well as having a renewed self confidence that now believing she was worth more.  This renewed confidence gave her more energy she felt far more positive about the future.

Andrew was addicted to marijuana.  He would find himself craving it on his way home from work.  After a double session he found that he was free from his addiction and surprised how quickly any cravings just passed from his awareness.

Medical Problem
Mark had an infection that the doctors were saying had cleared up but he was still experiencing the symptoms which were impacting his ability to do his job.   We soon understood that the continuing symptoms were stress related due to him holding on to things and not letting go.  After three sessions he was not only pretty much symptom free we had a new sense of wanting to move on with his life to reach his full potential and was applying for new jobs.

Simon smoked about 30 a day and decided it was time to stop.  After three sessions he was down to smoking one every couple of days, which he was happy with knowing he would stop completely when he was ready because he finally felt in control.

Emotional Issues
John was finding it hard to let go of his previous relationship.  This was effecting his ability to be happy in a new one.  After working together for three sessions John found a sense of ‘letting go’ and moving on and found as a result was much happier in this current relationship and felt more energised and happier.