What do you want to create?

When I got my first coach and got aligned with my soul I made massive changes in my life. I changed jobs from a ‘safe’ and successful corporate career to working for myself in an industry I’d no experience in. I never forget the day I left my old job. I’d been there all my […]

How to get what your REALLY want to do done

We live an information overload age which can lead to us being easily distracted. This can feed a habitually busy mind making it harder to get in to a state of flow where we do our best work and accomplish more. I love formulas. Here’s a formula for getting stuff done that’s important to you. […]

The WD40 of Change

As a coach, whether it is for life coaching, business coaching or sports performance coaching, I  coach people that want to make changes to their lives. I want to share what I see as the ‘WD40 of change’. From Resentment… Often we can have resentment towards a situation if it is not how we want […]

My story & my WHY behind what I do

I was interviewed by Liz Scott from Coaching Connect. You can here me talk about my personal journey they led me to doing what I love doing, helping people love their lives.

The Success Mindset

As a coach I have my own coach. Right now I am buzzing from the insights and growth I have been experiencing recently. I realised I have a habit of thinking I know something, but that prevents us from learning something new, having fresh insights. I am experiencing this roller-coaster of life with more of a […]

Why Every CEO Needs a Coach

By Ray Williams  The job of a CEO has never  been more challenging and rewarding. However, the job can be a lonely one despite the generous compensation, perks and attention. Boards, and CEOs are increasingly turning to engaging professional executive coaches to assist CEOs in their performance and growth and reduce attrition. Why should CEOs have […]

How to hear your intuition

One of the most common questions I get asked is ‘how do I listen to my intuition?’ When do you have the best ideas? The best solutions to problems? When I ask people this question the answer is usually something like ‘in the shower’, ‘when I’m driving’ or ‘when I’m walking the dog’. This is […]

Is your inner life coach an owner or victim?

As a coach (life coach, business coach and sports mind coach) there is a word I hear clients use quite often. It’s the word ‘should’. I want to explore what’s behind this word. We all use it but often don’t understand the negative impact of the mindset that is behind it. At any point in time […]

Success doesn’t have to be has hard as you think

A lot of my coaching clients whether life or business have built previous success in areas of their lives such as their career, relationships and other projects but still struggle with a goal, or the next level or don’t feel truly happy. Inadvertently their career or business has been built upon striving their way forward. Lots […]

Principles of Success

At my coaching practice I help people get out of their own way and achieve the things they want in their life. Coaching can bring clarity and a shift in mindset that frees you to move forward and build the life you want. Here are some principles. 1.  Know Your Outcome What do you want? […]