Coaching for your happiness and success

If you’re feeling stuck, have a goal or want to create more of the life you want I can probably help you. I provide deep coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy in both Cornwall and London and to people all over the world via telephone/Skype to help you make the changes you want in your life.

I change lives. If you want to get out of your own way and create the life you want then let’s have a conversation.

Get clarity of mind that brings results

I help people find clarity of mind that enables them to create more of the life they want. I have helped hundreds of people find a greater sense of fulfilment and happiness, creating a  positive impact on their relationships, work life and home life. People just like you.

Cornwall coaching and hypnotherapy

If you think your mind is holding you back you from being the best you can be, whether it be letting go of something (such as a behaviour, feeling or belief holding you back), sports performance, business coaching or life coaching then I can probably help.

Individuals, Couples, Business Leaders and Teams

I work with individuals, couples and teams. Our mindset and thinking affects all areas of our life whether home, relationships or boardroom. We live in the experience of our thinking and this affects our feelings, judgements and behaviours often without being aware of it.

In business everything involves someone’s mind and their state of mind affects performance as well as wellbeing.

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Cornwall coaching and hypnotherapy

Transformative Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Whether it is for coaching or therapy I have practices in both London and Cornwall and work with clients from all over the world by telephone and Skype. My London practice is in Harley Street.  I also work with businesses at their location as appropriate.

If you are ready for your transformation then contact me to explore how I can help you make those changes.

“My performance level has reached heights I never thought possible”

“The work I have done with Russell has been a key factor in transforming my game. He has given me mental tools which work under even the most intense pressure – my confidence and performance level have subsequently reached heights I never thought possible.

I would encourage everyone, whether playing professionally or just for fun, to invest in developing this essential side of the game- you will find your enjoyment grow exponentially and the results will speak for themselves.”

“Thank you isn’t enough to show you how grateful I am”

“Thank you isn’t enough to show you how grateful I am for your kind words and support through a difficult time in my life.

After having only a few sessions with you, you made me realise how much of a stressful burden I had been carrying which became the negative focus in my life.

With your help, I have managed to break the cycle of stressful negative thoughts and am learning to live in the here and now. I would never have been able to do this without your support for which I will never forget. Thank you very much.”

“I would have paid twice that”

“Russell set me free from the hold food had over me”

“After over 20 years of battling with food, and having tried virtually every organised slimming club, fad diet, diet doctor and other hypnotherapists, Russell set me free from the hold food had over me. No longer do snacks call to me from the fridge, cupboard or supermarket shelf; I stop eating when I’m full, and I find it much easier to make healthy choices. I don’t want to put any of that rubbish in my body anymore. The sessions were so successful that my husband is now seeing Russell too!”

“I have now started a new journey to achieve inner peace”

“You have helped me to understand that I have several layers that I need to look after, not just the physical being. I have always neglected my inner self but have now started a new journey to achieve inner peace.”

“I am very grateful to Russell for his guidance and support in making a more contented me”

“I approached Russell to help me rebalance my relationship with food, as it had gotten to the point where it was in control of me. After identifying some unhelpful underlying thoughts and feelings and then letting these go, I was surprised at how differently I saw food and how its power over me had disappeared.

I no longer seek out food as a pointless way of responding to emotions and situations, plus I find it much easier to not pay too much attention to unnecessary thoughts that pop into my head. This process of change has been wonderfully easy, as I don’t have to keep working at it – it’s an insight I’m confident is a permanent one.

My sessions with Russell have also been very helpful for other aspects of my life too, as the principles can apply to every situation. I generally feel lighter in myself for letting go of things that I didn’t realise were having an impact on me.

I’m pleased I gave cognitive hypnotherapy a chance and am very grateful to Russell for his guidance and support in making a more contented ‘me’.”

“Achievements beyond my wildest dreams”

“Helped me to start each IVF cycle with a positive frame of mind”

“Hypnotherapy with Russell helped me to gain perspective, deal with things one thing at a time and to regain a feeling of calm when I felt my life was completely out of control. Also, to understand that whatever happened in my life…..it would all work out ok in the end. Hypnotherapy also helped me to start each IVF cycle with a positive frame of mind that the cycle could actually work and gave me the strength to continue.

During the IVF process which was completely out of my control, the mp3 recording helped me to feel that I was able to make a positive contribution to my treatment over and above the usual not drinking caffeine or alcohol. It helped me to remain calm and relaxed at very stressful times and also gave me a feeling of empowerment. Russell also taught me a number of techniques which I could use on my own to help me through key parts of the cycle.”

“Finally, I could, thanks to Russell and his wonderful way of therapy”

“I needed to deal with some heavy issues and thanks to Russell I managed to. It’s something that I have been wanting to do for years and wasn’t able to, and now finally, I could, thanks to Russell and his wonderful way of therapy.”

“By my last session with you I was back to my normal self”

“Thank you so much for all the help you gave me when I visited you a few weeks ago with a broken arm, resulting in trauma, depression and panic attacks.

When I first came to see you, I really didn’t think there would be anything you could do for me, but by my last session with you I was back to my normal self! The work that you did with me was so enlightening, I didn’t realise my situation was being caused by my own thinking and past experiences! but with your help and hypnotherapy, I now have a much better understanding of how the mind works. I would, without hesitation, recommend to anyone to come and see you, to benefit from your help in the same way that I have.

Thank you for helping to put me back together again! I won’t hesitate to contact you in the future if I find myself in difficulty again.”