Coaching for your happiness and success

If you’re feeling stuck, have a goal or want to create more of the life you want I can probably help you. I provide deep coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy in both Cornwall and London and to people all over the world via telephone/Skype to help you make the changes you want in your life.

I change lives. If you want to get out of your own way and create the life you want then let’s have a conversation.

Get clarity of mind that brings results

I help people find clarity of mind that enables them to create more of the life they want. I have helped hundreds of people find a greater sense of fulfilment and happiness, creating a  positive impact on their relationships, work life and home life. People just like you.

Cornwall coaching and hypnotherapy

If you think your mind is holding you back you from being the best you can be, whether it be letting go of something (such as a behaviour, feeling or belief holding you back), sports performance, business coaching or life coaching then I can probably help.

Individuals, Couples, Business Leaders and Teams

I work with individuals, couples and teams. Our mindset and thinking affects all areas of our life whether home, relationships or boardroom. We live in the experience of our thinking and this affects our feelings, judgements and behaviours often without being aware of it.

In business everything involves someone’s mind and their state of mind affects performance as well as wellbeing.

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Cornwall coaching and hypnotherapy

Transformative Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Whether it is for coaching or therapy I have practices in both London and Cornwall and work with clients from all over the world by telephone and Skype. My London practice is in Harley Street.  I also work with businesses at their location as appropriate.

If you are ready for your transformation then contact me to explore how I can help you make those changes.

Within four weeks Gill was no longer craving food

For as long as she could remember Gill had turned to food at times of stress and when wanting some comfort. She also had a tendency of overeating and not being aware of when she was full and had had enough. Within four weeks Gill was no longer craving food in between meals, was eating more healthily and for the first time in her life stopping when she was full regardless of whether the plate was clear. She loved the comments from her friends that she looked so much thinner!

“I am looking forward to a better future”

“I have found Russell to be a very caring, effective and professional therapist. He treated the root causes of my alcoholism with great success. I feel that my life is back on track, and that I am looking forward to a better future with his continuing help and support.  A big thank you from me and my family.”

“l’ve now found myself a new job, relocated and started a new life for myself”

“l had several sessions with Russell a year ago, at first l was unaware of the changes that where occurring; friends noticed and said that l was more confident and appeared to have moved on. l’ve now found myself a new job, relocated and started a new life for myself its something l would have never imagined. Thanks Russell”

“I now have greater confidence in myself and my abilities”

“Russell has not only changed my way of thinking, enabling me to handle certain situations that had been problematic for years; but his sessions have also equipped me with coping mechanisms to face potential challenges in the future. I immediately felt at ease from my first session with Russell, as not only is he understanding and caring, but also enabled me to be in control and aware of every change taking place by talking my issue through and explaining how the solution would work. I have learnt a lot from my sessions with Russell, and now have greater confidence in myself and my abilities as a result”

After a double session he found that he was free from his addiction

Andrew was addicted to marijuana. He would find himself craving it on his way home from work. After a double session he found that he was free from his addiction and surprised how quickly any cravings just passed from his awareness.

“My performance level has reached heights I never thought possible”

“The work I have done with Russell has been a key factor in transforming my game. He has given me mental tools which work under even the most intense pressure – my confidence and performance level have subsequently reached heights I never thought possible.

I would encourage everyone, whether playing professionally or just for fun, to invest in developing this essential side of the game- you will find your enjoyment grow exponentially and the results will speak for themselves.”

“I am very grateful to Russell for his guidance and support in making a more contented ‘me’.”

“My husband was amazed and I am delighted! Thank you Russell”

“I have suffered from sea-sickness for as long as I can remember. Having tried every known ‘cure’ without success, it was suggested that I try hypnotherapy. Russell made me feel very welcome and instantly put me completely at ease. Just one session with him and the follow-up listening to the mp3 recording has cured my seasickness! My first trip out about a month after my treatment was a ‘baptism of fire’ as conditions were quite rough, but I had no symptoms whatsoever. My husband was amazed and I am delighted! Thank you Russell!!!”

“Russell set me free from the hold food had over me”

“After over 20 years of battling with food, and having tried virtually every organised slimming club, fad diet, diet doctor and other hypnotherapists, Russell set me free from the hold food had over me. No longer do snacks call to me from the fridge, cupboard or supermarket shelf; I stop eating when I’m full, and I find it much easier to make healthy choices. I don’t want to put any of that rubbish in my body anymore. The sessions were so successful that my husband is now seeing Russell too!”

She felt liberated and free to be herself

Suzanne had a low self confidence and would become shy and withdrawn in conversations with groups imagining that people thought she was boring. After four sessions she felt liberated and free to be herself, no longer worrying about what other people thought of her.