If your feeling stuck, have a particular problem or what to create more of the life you want I can help you. I provide hypnotherapy and coaching in both London and Cornwall and to people all over the world via the telephone/Skype utilising Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help you make the changes you want in your life.

Get Clarity of Mind

I help people find a sense of clarity of mind that enables them to create more of the life they want. I have helped hundreds of people get out of their own way and find a greater sense of fulfilment and happiness in life creating positive impact on their relationships, work life and home life.  People just like you.


At my London and Cornwall practices I have helped hundreds people with a wide range of problems and goals… and probably yours.

If you think your mind is holding you back you from being the best you can be, whether it be letting go of something (such as a behaviour, feeling or belief holding you back), sports performance, business coaching or life coaching then I can probably help.

Individuals, Couples, Business Leaders and Teams

From my London hypnotherapy (Harley Street) and Cornwall (Helston and Truro) practices I work with individuals, couples and business leaders from all over the UK.  I also provide telephone/Skype coaching to clients all over the world.


I can help you with a much wider range of things usually associated with hypnotherapy or coaching.  If you think your mind is involved then I can probably help.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy London and Cornwall

Whether it is for therapy or coaching I have practices in both London and Cornwall and work with clients from all over the world by telephone and Skype. My London hypnotherapy practice is in Harley Street as well practicing in a beautiful clinic just off London’s Harley Street.  I also work with businesses at their location as appropriate.

If you are ready to change then contact me to explore how I can help you make those changes.

John found a sense of ‘letting go’ and moving on

John was finding it hard to let go of his previous relationship. This was affecting his ability to be happy in a new one. After working together for three sessions, John found a sense of ‘letting go’ and moving on and as a result was much happier in this current relationship, felt more energised and happier.

“Finally, I could, thanks to Russell and his wonderful way of therapy”

“I needed to deal with some heavy issues and thanks to Russell I managed to. It’s something that I have been wanting to do for years and wasn’t able to, and now finally, I could, thanks to Russell and his wonderful way of therapy.”

 “20 years of fear was unlocked in the first session with Russell, amazing guy who really cares about helping people in what ever your looking for.”

“I managed to pick and move a spider the following day!”

“I recently had therapy with Russell for a phobia of spiders. I was very nervous before the session, but Russell put me completely at ease from the outset, through his warm and friendly approach. Through a variety of techniques he managed to get to the bottom of the phobia and help me to change my way of thinking.

I left the session feeling that I could now deal with spiders in a calmer and more relaxed way. Although I will never learn to love spiders, Russell has helped me to deal with any that I do come across. Putting this to the test, I managed to pick up and move a spider the following day! I would fully recommend him to anyone who wants to confront a phobia.”

After three sessions Jane was able to get off to sleep very quickly without any medication

Jane had been a bad sleeper for as long as she can remember. She took a long time to get to sleep even though she felt physically tired and then woke in the early hours unable to get back to sleep. After three sessions Jane was able to get off to sleep very quickly without any medication and if she did wake up in the night got back to sleep quickly.