If your feeling stuck, have a goal or what to create more of the life you want I can probably help you. I provide deep coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy in both London and Cornwall and to people all over the world via the telephone/Skype to help you make the changes you want in your life.

I change lives. If you want to get out of your own way and create the life you want then let’s have a conversation.

Get clarity of mind that brings results

I help people find a sense of clarity of mind that enables them to create more of the life they want. I have helped hundreds of people get out of their own way and find a greater sense of fulfilment and happiness in life creating positive impact on their relationships, work life and home life.  People just like you.


At my London and Cornwall practices I have helped hundreds people. If you think your mind is holding you back you from being the best you can be, whether it be letting go of something (such as a behaviour, feeling or belief holding you back), sports performance, business coaching or life coaching then I can probably help.

Individuals, Couples, Business Leaders and Teams

I provide deep coaching and cognitive hypnotherapy From my London (Harley Street) and Cornwall (Helston and Truro) practices. I work with individuals, couples and business leaders from all over the UK.  I also provide telephone/Skype coaching to clients all over the world.


I can help you with a much wider range of things usually associated with hypnotherapy or coaching.  If you think your mind is involved then I can probably help.

Powerful Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy London and Cornwall

Whether it is for coaching or therapy I have practices in both London and Cornwall and work with clients from all over the world by telephone and Skype. My London practice is in Harley Street.  I also work with businesses at their location as appropriate.

If you are ready to change then contact me to explore how I can help you make those changes.

“I can achieve the things I want to…that before were just a dream for me”

“Things are going great, I’m doing things that I wouldn’t have done before and they just seem to be occurring naturally. I feel like I now have the tools to move forward in my life and achieve the things that I want to, important things that before were just a dream for me. Thank you Russell.”

“Thank you isn’t enough to show you how grateful I am”

“Thank you isn’t enough to show you how grateful I am for your kind words and support through a difficult time in my life.

After having only a few sessions with you, you made me realise how much of a stressful burden I had been carrying which became the negative focus in my life.

With your help, I have managed to break the cycle of stressful negative thoughts and am learning to live in the here and now. I would never have been able to do this without your support for which I will never forget. Thank you very much.”

 “20 years of fear was unlocked in the first session with Russell, amazing guy who really cares about helping people in what ever your looking for.”

She felt liberated and free to be herself

Suzanne had a low self confidence and would become shy and withdrawn in conversations with groups imagining that people thought she was boring. After four sessions she felt liberated and free to be herself, no longer worrying about what other people thought of her.

“l’ve now found myself a new job, relocated and started a new life for myself”

“l had several sessions with Russell a year ago, at first l was unaware of the changes that where occurring; friends noticed and said that l was more confident and appeared to have moved on. l’ve now found myself a new job, relocated and started a new life for myself its something l would have never imagined. Thanks Russell”